This is unofficial release of WinVN. Download and try it.

It is now fully 32-bit and based on WinVN32k by Mark Spankus.
It is tested under Windows XP,*may work or may not work* under 95,98,ME,2000.
Work not under Windows 3.1, 3.11 and Win32s.
My improvement: multiple newsgroups decoding, memory leak fixing.
Lot of work with code improvement/bugfixes by Alexander Hefner aka NooN.

Latest beta , tell if download problems.

WINVN32.EXE -- Download winvn32.exe , need no istallation process

You need WinZip -- to extract exe from .zip. -- download package.

WIP-Work In Progress -- Sources,betas, bugs

Ask latest source!

Operating system support:
This is only for 32-bit Windows XP, not for older systems, Win 3.11 and so on.
The program is now tested under XP 5.1 only.

WinVN32n on another site seems to support old Windows systems.
Official WinVN Original NASA WinVN home.

If there are problems using WinVn , tell it