WinVN Sources , Bugs and Betas

The WinVN is under heavy "bug hunting", mainly memory leakz.


Beta 1022, C++ source code only

Known bugs 24.7.2004:

- big newsgroups causes crashdown?

This source code is mainly for MSVC.

The WinVn leaked megs of memory. Many leaks are now away.
The source is best with MSVC 6.0.

If you correct leaks, use testing tools.
I do not have Bounds Checker/DevPartner,
that is best tool (?) for this.

Use Memproof to detect leaks.
It is best with BCB 5.0 compiler.

Purify is good tool with MSVC 6.0.

Warning: .exes produced with BC and MSVC leaks memory in different way.
MSVC seems more leaky with test dummy main() program, but otherwise it produces more accurate results. BC can leave big leaks.
BC has tend to leave leak, whereas MSVC does not.

There are still many Purify and CodeGuard errors in code.

No exceptions/crashes detected (no more or yet) in BC or MSVC (21.7.04).
There are potential exception sources in code.

Testing covers: group windows, article windows.

Suggestions, bug reports, complains ...